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Livery Services at Maltfield Stud Equestrian Centre

Welcome to Maltfield Stud, where our livery services are not just about providing a space for your horse but about creating a nurturing environment that feels like home. Situated amidst the tranquil Wicklow mountains, our centre offers a harmonious blend of top-notch facilities, constant supervision, and a friendly atmosphere, ensuring that both you and your horse feel welcomed and well cared for.

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Grass & Full Livery with Daily Turnout

Whether you prefer the natural grazing of our grass livery or the comprehensive care of our full livery, your horse will benefit from daily turnout, ensuring a balanced and happy lifestyle


Top-Spec Stabling in our American-Style Barn

Our stables are more than just a shelter; they’re a haven of comfort. Spacious and well-ventilated, each stable in our American-style barn offers a serene and secure resting place for your horse.


Large Floodlit Sand Arena with Jumps

Perfect for training sessions, no matter the time of day. The arena is equipped with a variety of jumps, catering to both training and competitive preparation.


Ample Trekking and Hacking Opportunities

With numerous trekking routes, quiet roads for hacking, and expansive forests in the vicinity, your horse will have ample opportunity to explore and stay active. The beauty of nature is always just a trot away.


Proximity to Show Jumping Venues and Beach

Situated close to an array of show jumping venues, we are ideally positioned for those looking to compete. Additionally, a short 5-minute drive will take you and your horse to a stunning beach, suitable for a refreshing ride along the shore.


Parking for Horseboxes

We provide convenient parking for horseboxes, making it easy for you to come and go as you please.

A Community of Equestrian Enthusiasts

At Maltfield Stud, you’re not just choosing a livery service; you’re joining a community. Our friendly atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging, ensuring that every visit is enjoyable and every rider, whether novice or experienced, feels supported.

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Join Our Livery Family

Embark on a journey where premium care meets unparalleled comfort for your horse. Connect with us today and discover how Maltfield Stud can be the perfect home for your equine companion.